Rob Pickett, Master CGP -- Manager

Rob Pickett formed the housing technology firm of RobPickett &Associates (RP&A) in 2001 based on a 26-year career in the housing industry. From a childhood interest in shelter design, Rob has built a reputation as an expert in the log home industry. With nearly 15 years focused on log homes, he has been responsible for design, engineering, materials estimating, and pricing operations. Career highlights have included product development, including innovation of a new log profile; creation of new model plan series; conception of a proprietary national pricing system; publication of original and editorial writings (e.g., white papers, construction manuals, articles, etc.); successful management experiences; and more.  His career focus has been on the methods and materials involved with the production of housing.

Entering the home building industry in 1975, Rob brings a blend of knowledge, perspective and resources to assist clients as they respond to new and changing markets. Since 2001, RP&A has provided clients with the necessary resources to complete special projects, develop new products, attain acceptance of products or systems through testing and documentation, and more.  An ardent supporter of building systems and the log home industry, Rob continues to work on the approval of log building systems through codes and standards.

RobPickett &Associates, LLC (RP&A) is a building technology company specializing in building products/components/systems, residential design, codes and standards. 
  • For design professionals -- training on design, specification and assembly of log and modular buildings.
  • For home builders -- design, estimating, and related services to promote efficient construction.  “Green” services range from assistance with product specifications to generation of the Owner’s Manual.
  • For home buyers -- services geared toward sustainable, energy efficient  solutions, including selection of building systems.
  • For building systems manufacturers -- integrate processes from sales to delivery by coordinating design, engineering, estimating, and pricing functions with presentations for publication.
  • For building product manufacturers -- testing, engineering, and documentation as appropriate for submission to ICC Evaluation Service for a national evaluation report.
  • For building officials — training and evaluation services for building products and systems.
Codes & Standards:
  • Chaired the ICC IS-LOG Committee on behalf of the Log Homes Council, creating ICC400-2007 Standard on the Design & Construction of Log Structures and updating it for the  2012 edition.
  • Participated in task group work for ICC700-2008 National Green Building Standard.
  • Code analysis and investigation of code change proposals, including testimony at code hearings.
  • Coordination and organization of testing, analysis, and quality documentation (per AC10) for submission for Evaluation Reports.
  • Working with ICC-ES staff and industry reps to draft and achieve consensus agreement for approval of new and/or revised Acceptance Criteria.
  • Applying ASTM standards to demonstrate performance and apply quality control practices -- Member, D-07 committee on wood.